Disrupting the insurance space

When we look at the current life insurance landscape, the question of how one determines their coverage amount is abstract – "How much do you want to cover?" Instead of asking this broad question, we broke life insurance down to its core: a make up of one's life responsibilities. Designed as a tool, Wyshbox guides users through their after-life wishes (debts, dependents, loose ends, and legacies) in order to determine their overall coverage amount. We aspired not only to change the way people think about life insurance, but also to ensure people are covering no more or no less than they need.

I've played an active role in the concept design and final execution of Wyshbox. As a UX designer, I function as a bridge between design, research, business, and tech in all areas relating to the product. In this space of life insurance, I've found it intriguing to balance streamlining complex systems within the bounds of legal and business requirements, while also designing the best experience for our users.

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digital experience design, financial technology, qualitative research, usability testing

February 2020 - present


UX Designer (iOS & responsive web), UX Researcher, & Webflow Designer

Target audience:

18 - 45 year olds – a focus on cohorts who are in the midst of big life events or have an accumulation of debt


On going / Post launch