Johnson & Johnson
Advocating for user perspectives in the pharma space

Our team was asked to help design a new data-driven dashboard that enhances how users engage with their doctors' offices, bringing them quick prioritization, easier identification of barriers, and customized office interaction. We were invited into a space that had never worked with researchers or designers. Acting as an important bridge between the business and user, we introduced new methodologies to old ways of working. Our team successfully used our research as evidence to shift product requirements to align more with the users' needs.

This project has restricted visual access. Please email meganmlighty@gmail.com if you'd like more information on the final deliverables of this project.

Example of research materials (ranking exercise & test script) used to conduct twelve 60 minute moderated interviews
Spreadsheet of data with identified patterns that defined user needs to shift product requirements
Final (abstracted) Territory Dashboard and Account Detail screens
digital experience design, healthcare, qualitative research, usability testing

April 2022 - December 2022


Lead UX/UI Designer & Lead UX Researcher

Target audience:

Field Reimbursement and Account Specialists (FRAS) – assist doctor’s offices to support patients at risk of not starting a treatment or discontinuing early


Post Beta Launch

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