Let's Grow
Teaching empathy through technology

My research for this project began with long, curious walks around Brooklyn and observations of artifacts of people within space. Observations led to frustrations – our ignorance towards the natural environment, a lack of care, and younger generations losing empathy in a rapidly-growing digital age. Let's Grow became a way to challenge my belief that technology is a barrier to the physical world and pushed me to explore ways in which the digital and physical spheres can embrace each other.

Let's Grow is an experience designed to encourage environmental stewardship by teaching children to care for their plant. A sensor-based LED works together with an app to communicate the plant’s need for water, sunlight, and nutrients. Over time, app notifications become vague as the child moves through different narrative stages, allowing them to learn lessons in patience and responsibility. Gradually, they become independent of the app itself.

digital experience design, interactive play, disruptive design


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