Researcher, designer, and creative
Megan is a researcher, designer, and creative with a love for communication –
whether through curriculum design for middle-schoolers, expression through movement, or the translation of designs into functional specifications. While finding her own rhythm after a very product-oriented degree (Industrial Design), she found research, experience, and systems design to be her sweet spot. In these spaces, Megan is most excited by the relationship-building and information gathering. She seeks to challenge traditional norms of design and prioritize ethical and participatory practices.
Megan just finished a role with Johnson & Johnson designing digital tools for pharma field reps. In other UX roles, she's researched and designed products for life insurance, financial literacy, and banking. She's been a design facilitator for Publicolor, Better World by Design 2018, MIT IDDS, and IRC's Mahali Lab. Megan is currently centering projects that feel authentic to co-creative research and design in healthcare, education, and civic spaces.
there are many "in progress" creative projects: researching the effects of movement practices on chronic pain, slowly mastering the practice of stone carving (thanks Ken!), and training in modern and contemporary dance.