How can injecting oneself

with a needle feel safe?


redesigning the EpiPen

Ana is an epinephrine auto-injector designed to accommodate the comfort of the user's physical and mental wellbeing in the panic of anaphylactic shock.


the EpiPen

The EpiPen is currently the most commonly prescribed device for anaphylactic shock. 

research & user testing

Through my research I discovered the misuse of the EpiPen can be dangerous for the patient.

design opportunities


          designing a form that's intuitive for use

          redesigning the safety mechanism

          shrinking the size for ease of transportation

a double safety mechanism

protects the user even when the device is used incorrectly.

the top button triggers

the mechanism

base is pressed against the thigh

and reveals the top button

red indicators warn the user

of the needle end 

safety cap prevents the device

from triggering when not in use

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