Lehigh University Mountaintop
Giving those aging & living in the city a seat at the table

The world population of 65+ are projected to double by 2050 and with an increasingly aging world, improving aging lives becomes a necessity. As a multi-disciplinary team, we combined our expertise to learn more about the 65+ living in the Lehigh Valley, PA. We used WHO's Age-Friendly Cities structure as inspiration and focused our time learning and collaborating with aging individuals from two facilities. As a larger group, we came up with solutions to improve quality of live and self-sufficiency within the Lehigh Valley.

My main role as the designer was to guide my team through a human-centered and participatory design process and encourage us to work visually. Together, we learned how to collect proper data, interview as a way of conversing, and design as a collective. This collaboration was as much an exploration of design as it was an experiment on what happens when you get a med student, a social scientist, engineers, and a designer in the same room.

participatory research, service design

June - October 2016


Lead Designer, Facilitator, & Researcher

Team members:

Ryan McGuire / Mechanical Engineering / Lehigh University

Joshua Hitchings / MD Candidate / Temple University School of Medicine

Teresita Liebel / Integrated Engineering, Arts, & Sciences / Lehigh University

Sara Keeler / Psychology / Lehigh University