How can we design a cycle of community through composting?



designing with the community

This project aims to close-the-loop with the Park Slope Food Coop, the Park Slope Community Help, Inc. (CHiPS), community gardens, and the local government. We designed a self-sustaining program that encourages the reduction of food waste through community design.

Funded through The Pratt Center for Community Development.

Presented at With Empathy and Care: Designing to Improve People's Lives, a panel discussion at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.


designing with CHiPS

CHiPS is a non-profit soup kitchen and shelter, preparing and serving meals to the hungry in the Park Slope neighborhood. CHiPS relies entirely on volunteers and donations from the outside community. 

ethnographic research

I took a step back and simply, observed. I discovered and was inspired by

CHiPS’ strong community ties with the Park Slope Food Coop and their close proximity to many community gardens.

identifying not necessarily a problem,

but an opportunity!

80% of CHiPS' food donations come

from the Park Slope Food Coop

food preparation

food is wasted

new food growth!

CHiPS' gives food scraps

as compost to local community gardens

mapping connections & stakeholders

designing WITH a community

While working with the CHiPS' community, the design changed from an object to a system.

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