I'm Megan. I am a community-centered designer working at the intersection of research, strategy, and education. I received a BID in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and have spent most of my design energy focused within communities. What gets me through the day is engaging with people and listening to their stories. Life is a chaotic mess. My goal as a designer is to relieve some of that chaos through supporting safe and collaborative spaces. 

Let's have a discussion and learn from each other!


as a researcher & designer...

I enjoy finding beautiful relationships amidst clouds of confusion. These relationships are discovered through a human-centered and participatory process, ensuring honest design.


Design is a way to not only solve and prevent problems, but to create connections. I strive to facilitate positive impact through objects, systems, or services and aspire to constantly learn from those I'm working with. 

I discuss my love for humanistic design with Study Breaks Magazine

as a human...

 I fight for social AND environmental sustainability. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, which explains my love for the desert, the mountains, and just about any outdoor sport. I will drop almost anything to engage in a pick-up soccer game.